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Subject: [xliff] <bin-unit> problem

Hi All,
I have just now come across a situation where we have icons that are being localized. In doing this we need to keep track of the change in size of the icon. However, the current definition of <bin-unit> does not have that information. In the <trans-unit> we have the coord attribute to store that info. Since we are at a 1.0 implementation, we could use a <prop> to give us that info but I prefer the <context> since we can codify it and make it understandable to translators, provided that the tools understand it.
   <bin-unit id="1" mime-type="image/gif" translate="yes" reformat="yes">
      <bin-source><external-file href="btnadvanced.gif"/></bin-source>
      <context-group name="translation">
        <context context-type="bin-coord">0;0;86;16</context>

The better solution would be to add coord as an attribute of <bin-unit> and <bin-target>. After all, what  does reformat control for <bin-unit>? The only attributes that could be reformatted are mime-type, restype, and resname. We may need the other following attributes:
coord            <bin-unit> and <bin-target>
size-unit        <bin-unit> only
maxheight      <bin-unit> only
minheight       <bin-unit> only
maxwidth       <bin-unit> only
minwidth        <bin-unit> only
The above could then be expressed as follows.
   <bin-unit id="1" mime-type="image/gif" translate="yes" reformat="yes" coord="0;0;86;16">
      <bin-source><external-file href="btnadvanced.gif"/></bin-source>
If someone has come across this same problem and found a different solution, I would appreciate the help. Otherwise, as much as I don't want to delay the process, we may want to consider taking care of this now. What do you think?

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