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Subject: XLIFF Teleconference Details & Agenda - Tuesday,18 Mar 2003

Dial-in Instructions:
When: Tues.,  18 Mar 2003, 04:00PM London/Dublin  / 08:00 AM PST
UK National Dial-In:      0870 550 3090
International Dial-In:   +44 118 924 0290
Meeting ID: 30543

1/Roll Call  (5 min)

2/Previous Meeting Minutes - accept as is or amend: (archive in
(note - archive mailing list is down due to cut-over to Kavi system, 
 cannot send you URL to past meeting minutes,  please review in your 
email system - it was sent by Peter on 4 Mar 03

3/Review Open Issues in the tracking report::
Issue 21:  Final Attribute Values List,  any revisions,  or 
normalizations? -  

4/Review Draft 10 specification - the Release Candidate for XLIFF 1.1
(archive mailing list is down,  but draft 10 was sent by Yves on 12 Mar 03)

- We still have not voted on the value lists for mtype, size-unit and unit.

- There are still some definition missing for datatype, and other attributes. Please, make sure to have some ready soon.

- The schema has been re-worked to allow easier use of the lists in the same attribute type (like for 'count-type'), I think all is ok, but double and triple check are more than welcome.

- Still can get XMLSpy to validate the samples when there is text content after inline elements. But at this point I'm not sure what exactly XMLSpy supports. The samples validate with MS XML Validator (and do not validate when expected).

- In-line element <g> = description in spec is problematic and inconsistent.  Needs attention.

- Testing the Schema - 3 errors reported by Bryan = each had to do with the ##any wildcard, rendering the content model  non-deterministic.   The only way Bryan could get it to work was to change the ##any to ##other.  Ramifications? 

5/Schedule of remaining work (10 minutes)
  19 Mar: Release Candidate?

6/Cut -over to Kavi - isues and what to expect.

7/Any New Business

8/Next meeting - Tues.,  25 Mar 2003, 04:00PM Europe/London/Dublin  / 
08:00 AM PST

Tony Jewtushenko				mailto:tony.jewtushenko@oracle.com
Sr. Tools Program Manager			direct tel: +353.1.8039080
Product Management - Tools Technology Team
Oracle Corporation, Ireland

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