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Subject: RE: [xliff] Draft 10

Hi Tony and all,
I guess we should fix the wording and remove the "if". Actually, I'm not even sure about the statement itself: <g> code embedded in other <g> codes should probably allow to move outside its original container (change of word order, etc.).
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From: Tony Jewtushenko [mailto:Tony.Jewtushenko@oracle.com]
Sent: Wed, March 12, 2003 10:06 PM
To: ysavourel@translate.com
Subject: Re: [xliff] Draft 10

Hi Yves and all:

I've noticed an inconstancy in the spec for the <g> inline element

A <g> element can contain another <g> element. In this case, if the embedded group has an id attribute, it should never be moved outside of its parent group.

however,  later on in the same definition we're told: 

Required attributes:


Is it possible that the entire line was pulled from opentag and refers to the group tag,  not the general placeholder tag?  This line has beein in since at least the XLIFF 1.0 spec,  but the entire statement doesn't make sense to me.  Any insight?  Or am I slowing going mad and in need of professional help?


Yves Savourel (RWS) wrote:
Hi everyone,

The updated specification and schema (along with 2 sample XLF files) are


- We still have not voted on the value lists fo mtype, size-unit and unit.

- There are still some definition missing for datatype, and other
attributes. Please, make sure to have some ready soon.

- The schema has been re-worked to allow easier use of the lists in the same
attribute type (like for 'count-type'), I think all is ok, but double and
triple check are more than welcome.

- I still can get XMLSpy to validate the samples when there is text content
after inline elements. But at this point I'm not sure what exactly XMLSpy
supports. The samples validate with MS XML Validator (and do not validate
when expected).


Tony Jewtushenko				mailto:tony.jewtushenko@oracle.com
Sr. Tools Program Manager			direct tel: +353.1.8039080
Product Management - Tools Technology Team
Oracle Corporation, Ireland

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