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Subject: size-unit - proposal

As promised, here is my discussion / proposal on the size-unit attribute.
I think the issue with size-unit is one of definition only.
A user specifies the width and height of a control using the CX and CY portion of the coord attribute. 
There is no mention of units with the coord value, this is information is somehow implied  based on the restype.  So, if the file's restype == "winres", then coord are read as dialog units.
Note: if restype is anything else, I don't know how coord would be interpretted.
The user may then specify min and max limits using the maxheight, minheight, maxwidth and minwidth.
Currently, size-unit provides a mechanism to specify what type of limit this is.
The available values (not final) for size-unit are pixel, byte, char-8, char-16 char-32, char-glyph, dlgunit, row, col, point.
I think there is confusion here in that these properties appear to be related. 
Width and Height are specified in dlgunits using CX and CY, however, max-width and max-height could be specified in some other units, say char-8.
My understanding of the spec is that these items are not related at all.
CX and CY are geometrical properties of a control in a dialog
The width and height limitations refer only to the text in the <target>.
Is this understanding correct?
If my understanding is correct (and it may not be), I propose that we clearly state that maxheight, minheight, maxwidth and minwidth relate to the length of the text translation in the <target>, and have nothing to do with the co-ordinates of a control.  In fact, there is no way to specify max or min dimensions of a control in a dialog.
Best regards,

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