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Subject: RE: [xliff] Final Consolidated Restype Attributes List

Hi all,
It might make sense to say a word again about my original motivation for including both
XUL- and XSD-related items:
I was assuming that we where looking for a kind of 'superset' of items to which items from specific
sets (e.g. those belonging to Windows RC files) could be mapped. My specific line of thought was
to create mapping tables which reveal how the individual sets would be mapped to the superset. This
approach appealed to me since on the one hand the superset would give us a comprehensive layer of
abstraction, and the mapping tables would leave no doubt about what representations for example
of Windows RC items have to look like in XLIFF.
The only alternative to this 'superset and mandatory mapping' approach to me would be the consequent
use of the namespace mechanism (which for example might render Windows RC specific information
in XLIFF as 'item="winRC:X"'). Of course this alternative approach could boil down to a completely different approach
for tool suppliers. Possibly, they would no longer work on rendering XLIFF, but would look into XLIFF files,
see that they are really 'wrappers' for say Windows RC files, and then would use Windows RC
related functionality for further processing.
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From: Mark Levins [mailto:mark_levins@ie.ibm.com]
Sent: Donnerstag, 27. März 2003 14:06
To: Tony Jewtushenko <Tony.Jewtushenko
Cc: xliff@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: Re: [xliff] Final Consolidated Restype Attributes List

Hi Tony,

After having another look through this list I feel I have to raise a concern I have towards including all of the XUL elements and the granularity it provides for XUL, which we are not necessarily be providing for other formats (I would not be too kean on reading the list if we went down that road).
Basically, including all of the XUL elements includes too many spurious values that may never be used.

An example of my concern is evident in the following list of XUL elements
Here the actual resource type is a tree control described by the first element, <tree>. All of the rest of these elements then describe aspects of the tree control and can only exist as child elements of <tree> in XUL. Extending on this, <treecols> in XUL is just a placeholder for containing multiple <treecol> elements and therefore provides no specific useful information in XLIFF and I cannot see how it could ever be used.

IMHO, I see the following options:
1. Prune the list of XUL elements to only include root 'restypes', such as <tree> in the above example and further reduce the list through commonality with the other non-XUL values.
2. Add one 'XUL' restype and indicate that the actual XUL type be specified through an additional namespaced attribute via an attribute extension point
3. Use only XUL elements
4. Leave the extensive list as is (ouch!)


Mark Levins
IBM Software Group,
Dublin Software Laboratory,
Airways Industrial Estate,
Dublin 17,
Phone: +353 1 704 6676
IBM Tie Line 166676

Tony Jewtushenko <Tony.Jewtushenko@oracle.com>

26/03/2003 20:24

[xliff] Final Consolidated Restype Attributes List


Please review the attached HTML and Excel spreadsheet for legibility,
accuracy and completeness.

Please note that I've assigned as owner the original submittor,  or
subsequent resubmittor,  or in some cases my best guess as to who may
own the item.  I may not have gotten the owners quite right,  so it's up
to you to review to make sure any items important to you are represented
correctly.  Also,  please forgive me if I've omitted mention of your
name as submitter - I will correct any mistakes once they're reported to
me.  Anyone is free to submit their suggestions - responses are not
limited to assigned owners.

I'd prefer if you return to me the XLS file rather than HTML file.
Please indicate if the item should have status of

Approved,Deprecated,Rejected.  Please fill in a description when one is
lacking, or feel free to edit the existing description.  And finally,

please fill in your name in next to the item you're reviewing and feel
free to add any comments in the appropriate column.

The end of day Friday (per any timezone you like) is the cutoff for
returning to me your signed off lists.  After this deadline,  any items
not explicitly approved will be assumed to be rejected.


Tony Jewtushenko                                mailto:tony.jewtushenko@oracle.com
Sr. Tools Program Manager                        direct tel: +353.1.8039080
Product Management - Tools Technology Team
Oracle Corporation, Ireland

[attachment "restype-all-rc2.xls" deleted by Mark Levins/Ireland/IBM]

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