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Subject: RC 3, Draft 12

Hi all,

Here is the updated specification and schema. They reflect Tony's latest
restype list, as well as the definition for 'glyph' (Thanks Matt), the new
section on inline elements (2.4) (draft: input/correction/etc requested),
and so forth.


The minutes of Feb-25 refer to approval for 'count-type', 'context-type',
'datatype' and 'restype', but I don't see any note for not 'state' or
'unit'. As far as I know, those two attributes status the following:

state - List of values has been discussed, some values have been added when
dicussing count-type. Many definition are missing, and there are still
questions and values that seem to be duplicate(difference between
'mt-suggestion' and 'leverage-mt' for example).

unit - Discussed. Some values were added. But we didn't vote on them yet (it
should go fast: I don't recall any dissentions).

I think those are the last items.



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