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Subject: RE: [xliff] Re: XLIFF 1.1 Specification Working Draft 14 - RC5

Hi All,
There is a clone attribute in the <bx/> element but not the <ex/>. There is no clone attribute in the <bpt> nor <ept> elements. Does this mean:
(1) That the <bx/> can be cloned but not the paired <ex/>?
(2) That the cloning of <ex/> is controlled by the clone attribute in the paired <bx/>?
(3) That the clone attribute was erroneously added to the <bx/> element?
(4) None of the above?
The clone attribute occurs in the <g>, <x/>, and <bx/> elements. Since these are replacement tags, i.e. the code is in the skeleton file. Therefore, what is in the code and how safe it is to clone the code is hidden from the translator. Thus, the clone attribute indicates how safe it is to clone the code. With codes that are masked in the XLIFF, the translator may have as good a knowledge of this as the filtering tool. Thus, they do not need an explicit attribute. Based on this, I'd guess (2). Has anyone else looked at this?

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