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Subject: Specification Notes

John and all,

-- Definition of the rid attribute (and the inline elements guidelines): I'm
not sure what consensus we have now. I'm putting the text for option (2) as
described by Doug (matching rid to make the link). But we need to to confirm
(or change) this.

-- Regarding <x/> being listed in inline codes of type B (along with <it>. I
think it should remain listed there, as there are no other solution when you
use the placeholder method (vs. the enclosing method offered with <it>).

-- Regarding the description of some of the attributes such as extype,
extradata, menu, menu-name, (maybe even font), etc. I'm not sure we should
have very precise description yet, as we have not worked out the profile for
various format such as Windows resources. It would be not very good to have
one kind of description now, and have to change it afterward.

I'm double-checking the samples now and should be able to post the updated
specification by the end of today.

Thanks to everyone for the edits, changes, feedback, double-checks, etc.

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