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xliff message

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Subject: Update Specification

hi all,

John found 10 more typos (listed below).
They have been fixed in the HTM and XSD attached.
The draft number hasn't changed as no wording as changed.


1) Section 2.5.2, 3rd paragraph, 1st sentence 'the' is repeated, "For
instance, the following XLIFF code illustrates how to use attributes from
the XHTML vocabulary in the the <group> and <trans-unit> XLIFF elements."
2) Under <tool>, 2nd sentence, there is a missing space: "The required
tool-idattribute ..."
3) Under <ex/>, 2nd sentence, "well-formness" is misspelled, should be
4) Under ... attribute, in the description of the logical-expression,
'boolean' should be capitalized, 'Boolean'.
5) Under the menu attribute the title "Value description:" is still missing.
6) Under the name attribute, "instrtuction" is misspelled; should be
7) Under the restype attribute, in the button value description, "contol" is
misspelled; should be "control".
8) Under the restype attribute, in the separator value description, "e.g:"
should be "e.g.".
9) in the size-unit attribute description of the glyph value "refered" is
misspelled; should be "referred".
10) Under state-qualifier, in the description for the value fuzzy-match,
last sentence, "white-sapce discripancy" is misspelled, should be
"white-space discrepancy".


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