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Subject: RE: [xliff] FW: XLIFF <bin-unit> question -- endian

The endian-ness of an XML document encoded as UTF-16 is determined by the
byte order mark (BOM). The BOM has a value of U+FEFF. It is the first two
8-bit bytes in the document. They are encoded as either FE FF (big endian)
or FF FE (little-endian).

For UTF-8 encoding, which is the default for XML documents, the BOM is not
required because the document is a byte stream. However, the BOM may be
encoded as three bytes: EF BB BF. In fact, the XLIFF 1.1 draft 16 schema and
Sample_Small.xlf documents have the UTF-8 BOM.


Doug Domeny
Software Analyst

Ektron, Inc.
+1 603 594-0249 x212

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From: Reynolds, Peter [mailto:Peter.Reynolds@bowneglobal.ie]
Sent: Wednesday, May 14, 2003 3:47 AM
To: 'xliff@lists.oasis-open.org'
Subject: [xliff] FW: XLIFF <bin-unit> question

Hi all,

Posted on behalf of Yves.


Hi all,

Here is a very good question from Ram Viswanadha:

> How do I specify the endianess of data encoded in <internal-file>
> element which is a child of <bin-unit>.
> The specification does not mention anything about it.
> If endianness is not encoded then, binary data becomes unportable and
> hence making the XLIFF document unportable.
> Best Regards,

We probably should have a solution for this in 1.1. Maybe simply adding
an attribute, or setting the rule that the content of <internal-file> is
the same endianness as the XLIFF document (not great solution though, an
attribute would be better).


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