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Subject: RE: RE: [xliff] FW: XLIFF <bin-unit> question

We would say something like: "The byte order in the block of MIME data follow the rule defined by the MIME specification." But on second thought, maybe we don't need to specify anything: since we refer to MIME's specification already. There is no reasons to make endianess a specific case.
Either way is fine with me.

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Sent: Wed, May 14, 2003 11:20 AM
To: Yves Savourel; xliff@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: Re: RE: [xliff] FW: XLIFF <bin-unit> question

Yves and all: 

I assume that a revision to the spec with this note inserted into a revised spec we will not require a review iteration before voting on it.  If anyone disagrees,  please raise a flag.  Otherwise,  as soon as Yves posts the revised spec I'll immediately set up the ballot.

Feel free to object.


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