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Subject: Re: [xliff] Next week's teleconference postponed

Hi Tony,
My apologies but I doubt I will have my sections of the White Paper draft completed by EOB Friday. I will submit what I have then and will submit other sections as completed, if that is acceptable.
1. Was the section entitled 'User-Defined Data' assigned to someone or was that part of the 'Architecture Overview' section? You have a note that it should be either rewritten or removed; I'd suggest a rewrite is appropriate.
2. We talked about formatting these sections but it seems that a single person should handle the formatting as well as incorporating all the disparate submissions. I've marked sections of code with the 'Code' style and tried to format but it is inconsistent with the rest of the document. Should I continue trying to format or leave that to a later edit pass?
Thanks & apologies,

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