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Subject: FW: <glossary> Question

Hi all,

Here is a question Dr. Waldhör, one of the Heartsome's people, is asking
about <glossary>:

-----Original Message-----
From: Dr. Klemens Waldhör [mailto:klemens@heartsome.net]
Sent: Mon, June 23, 2003 4:03 AM
To: ysavourel@translate.com

I have one question now: The XLIFF format contains a reference for the
glossary which could be an internal file etc.. ...<snip>... How should this
glossary description or internal file look like? Nothing special is provided
on that in the standard. E.g. it might be nice if the glossary could have a
TBX format. Is there anything underway in order to more precisly specify the
glossary (e.g. if it comes in form of a translation dictionary)?

This is a very pertinent question, especially for people developing
"generic" XLIFF Editors, and not expecting documents not generated from only
one specific tool. How can we specify the type of glossary? The same goes
for <reference>, which is even less specific.


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