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Subject: ID value type


Working on some XLIFF example I ran into a small problem in our schema:

I noticed that the value type of our different id are sometimes 'string'
sometime 'NMTOKEN'.
So, for example, because of the '\' the following id value is not valid:

<bin-unit id='work\image1.jpg' mime-type='image/jpeg'>

This wouldn't be too bad if we could escape the backslash, but even then,
it's not easy. The only ASCII non-letter and non-digits allowed are: '.',
'_', ':', and '-'. We can't use '$', '&', '%', '/', etc. Which makes
potentially a lot of characters to escape.

The id value type for the id attributes in <x>, <bpt>, etc. are 'string',
which allow pretty much anything. So I have two questions?

1- Shouldn't all id attribute have the same value type?
2- If yes, should this type be string or NMTOKEN or something else.

Thanks for any comments, etc.

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