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Subject: Problem with the note proposal

I hope you will all forgive my campaigning near a polling place but I
would like to address a couple of issues with the note-annotates

First, the current default value of note is that it annotates the
source. The proposal changes that so that, "The value general is the
implied default." This changes it for all current usage of the note
element and is a broader change than simply adding an attribute. 

Second, as Mark points out, note is used more widely than in a
trans-unit. Thus, it is ambiguous in other locations.

I'd suggest that we should modify the proposal so that note always
annotates its parent and that the values for note are any of its
possible siblings. By annotating the parent in a trans-unit it is also
annotating the source, since the connection between the source and
trans-unit is inseparable. By adding the siblings in all the uses of
note, it may lose the ambiguity Mark mentions.

Tony, did you receive an answer from Karl about what is meant by


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