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Subject: Typo in XLIFF 1.1 Spec

Yves,  and all:

There's a fairly glaring typo in the 1.1 spec with respect to restype attribute values list.  The value "row" does not appear in the list,  and according to my notes and an example in the spec itself it should. 

Note the example in section "2.5.2. Adding Attributes" lists the following example:

<xliff version='1.1'
 <file original='table.htm' source-language='en' datatype='html'>
  <group restype='table' htm:border='1' htm:cellpadding='5'
   htm:cellspacing='0' htm:width='100%'>
   <group restype='row'>
    <trans-unit id='1' htm:valign='top' htm:width='30%'>
     <source>Text of row 1 column 1</source>
    <trans-unit id='2' htm:valign='top' htm:width='30%'>
     <source>Text of row 1 column 2</source>
   <group restype='row'>
    <trans-unit id='3' htm:valign='top' htm:width='30%'>
     <source>Text of row 2 column 1</source>
    <trans-unit id='4' htm:valign='top' htm:width='30%'>
     <source>Text of row 2 column 2</source>

The XLIFF 1.1 XSD is also missing the "row" restype value (which makes sense since the spec attribute values tables are derived from the XSD).

We must either change the example,  or change the XSD / Spec to include "row" value.  So I propose the former:  we modify the XSD,   generate a new spec from it,  and update the version that's presently posted to the web.  OASIS rules require us to vote to accept any changes to a committee spec,  so I propose that we do so via online ballot once the change has been made to the document.

So unless anyone objects,   I suggest that Yves makes the change to the XSD to add "row" to restype,  generates a new XLIFF spec by  Friday (if possible),  and we vote on the revised spec next week (from Monday - Monday) via online ballot.  Clearly this means we must delay our submission to the OASIS standards review process by one week exactly in order to ballot on the Committee Spec.

Any comments,  objections,  or other thoughts?


Tony Jewtushenko					mailto:tony.jewtushenko@oracle.com
Principal Product Manager		direct tel: +353.1.8039080
Oracle Corporation, Ireland

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