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Subject: Face 2 Face - Phone Dialup Issues


Apologies for the short notice,  but the hotel charge for setting up a 
dialup phone line for the face to face has turned out to be considerably 
more than was originally expected : installation,  line rental,   and 
phone rental amount to close to $500.  The original estimate of $150 for 
rental of a star phone was reasonable in my opinion,  but apparently 
didn't include installation of a phone line or eternal line access.

The prospective attendance amounts to 3 TC members attending 
physically,  1 physically attending the first hour,  3 planning to 
attend the entire meeting via phone,  and 3 more who will attend the 
beginning part of the meeting by phone.  Additionally,  we will have 2 
or 3 observers physically joining us.  Any way we cut it,  we will not 
achieve quorum for the full meeting - with or without the dialup line - 
and thus we cannot transact business requiring voting.
Past face to face experience with teleconferencing have proven less 
effective than expected,  so I'm inclined to forego the dialup services 
to this face to face.  However,  if anyone feels strongly enough about 
dialup access to offer to cover a significant portion of the phone 
installation charges,  then please contact me immediately, and I'll put 
the order in Tuesday (note the deadline is 8am Wednesday morning - 
further late charges added if installation scheduled after that)

Without dialup access to the meeting,   it's essential that your provide 
written input in advance.  Any input submitted on the agenda items will 
be actioned upon during the meeting.  I specifically encourage you to 
provide input to the resource types that we must address in our 
canonical representation work.  It is also possible to record the 
proceedings and post them to the web.  Please let me know if there's 
interest in this option.


Tony Jewtushenko		mailto:tony.jewtushenko@oracle.com
Principal Product Manager	direct tel: +353.1.8039080
Oracle Corporation, Ireland

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