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Subject: RE: [xliff] Some Questions on the white paper

Here is my two cents:

> 1) If An "XLIFF Compliant" editor edits a file, is it mandatory
> to maintain a change log?

I don't think so.
(but it would be an advantage for the editor to implement this).

> 2) If the change log stores only the new translation for each phase,
> where do we store the target text placed in the file by the file
> generator. I.,E. should the editor create a default alt-trans containing
> the target text in the original file as soon as it modifies a target,
> or should file generators create this alt-trans by default

I guess the tool would check if any <alt-trans> entry exist and if not
create one with the original proposed translation.
There is currently no requirements for the filters to even create the
<target> entry, so it would be hard to get them to produce a mandatory
<alt-trans> too.


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