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xliff message

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Subject: Merge New Translation Request

Hello, I am joining the mailing list of TC from IBM.  I would like to solve
one of our problems by introducing XLIFF...

In our process, translators sometimes receive updated source text (second
shipment) before completing the translation of the previous source (first
shipment).  The translator requires some manual process to merge the
translation for the updated request.  It is done by extracting memory from
first shipment and apply the extracted memory (not-reviewed-yet because it
is a middle of translation) along with the older (reviewed-quality) memory
to the second shipment.  After applying these memories, we cannot
distinguish the segment which has not-reviewed-yet from the segment which
has reviewed-quality translation.

Above is one of the problem we have in supporting the updated translation
we call it as multiple shipments.

Does XLIFF can work with the multiple shipments?

I think XLIFF can store translation state as an attribute of <target>
element such as "needs-review-translation."  If we extract this information
into a memory and apply to second shipment, we can store the same state at
<target> or state-qualifier of <alt-trans>.  We might be able to
distinguish the segment which include not-reviewed-yet translation from
reviewed ones in a XLIFF editor.

Are there any other ways to merge translations in XLIFF?

Thank you and Best Regards,
Eiju Akahane, Yamato Software Lab., Software Group, IBM

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