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Subject: SRX Public Review

All - 

The XLIFF TC has been invited to participate in a public review of SRX - a segmentation markup vocabulary.  This is important work which provides potentially complimentary segmentation markup/metadata that may be used with XLIFF at our extension points.

I'd like for us to formally review this document and provide feedback to the committee from our TC.  I also think it would be a valuable exercise to draft a use case for how this might work with XLIFF 1.1.  

Any volunteers - particularly those interested in segmentation?  Our response to the SRX spec shall be an agenda item at the next XLIFF teleconference.


original announcement follows:

The OSCAR Standards committee of the Localization Industry Standards
Association has posted its draft SRX (Segmentation Rules Exchange) .05
Specification document for a one month public review period. The SRX
specification was developed by the OSCAR Segmentation work group to define
an industry standard format to represent segmentation rules used in
translation memory applications.

The document to review is available here:

Please send any feedback and comments to OSCAR members Brian Briggs and
Paolo Vanni:

The public review ends on January 27, 2004.

One thing that is not currently reflected in the document is the following:
OSCAR is currently reviewing a proposal that states that, in order for a
Translation Memory tool to be certified as SRX-compliant, the tool would
need to be able to export a TMX file that contains a pointer to an SRX file
that would describe the segmentation rules used to generate that TMX file.

For more information about:
OSCAR Standards Committee: www.lisa.org/oscar
Segmentation work group: www.lisa.org/oscar/seg

Tony Jewtushenko		mailto:tony.jewtushenko@oracle.com
Principal Product Manager	direct tel: +353.1.8039080
Oracle Corporation, Ireland

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