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Subject: First Early Draft of the HTML Profile

Hi everyone,

I'm attaching a very rough early draft for the HTML Profile. This is at a
very early stage. There are a lot of comments (highlighted), questions, etc.

Thanks for those of you who helped getting the document started. There is
still a lot of work (really a lot), so there will be plenty of opportunities
to help some more.

This is a rough outline of the different topics to look at, and some are
most likely missing. We've tried to tackle HTML forms (and to a lesser
degree XForms forms) a little more than the rest, but there is still plenty
to do in those sections.

When discussing this document, please:

- Post one email per topic (e.g. cdata, processing instruction, inline
codes, bidi, images, XForms, html forms, etc.) this will make following the
different threads much easier from the start, and we can keep track of each
issue separately (also please, use a clear subject line).

- Post to the OASIS list (main one if you can, comments if you are not in
the main one) rather than to individuals: it helps if everyone sees all

- Don't "go ballistic" right away :) remember this is a very early draft, a
lot in it is just tentative thoughts.


By the way: I have to apologize for the next conference call: I won't be
able to make it. I'll be out of the office from Feb-9 to Feb-24. I probably
won't check emails very often after Feb-11.



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