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Subject: HTML Profile: restype and ctype mapping

Hi all,

Some food for your thoughts this week:

Following up on the topic of restype and HTML, I went through the HTML
elements and tried to mapped them with pre-defined restype (or ctype if the
element is inline).

I have 116 HTML element, 14 have pre-defined restype/ctype values (in other
words, for 88% of the HTML elements we do not have a pre-defined
restype/ctype values).

Some notes:

1) The fact that some element are inline affect the availability of
pre-defined values: they may exist for restype, but not for ctype.
For example: If <input> was not an inline element we could map it to
'filechooser' or 'edit' depending if its attribute 'type' was 'file' or
something else. If <button> was not an inline element we could map it to
'button'. Etc.

One of the task to do is to make sure which element should be inline vs. not
inline. The table has a tentative list, but we need to solve some of the

2) Some pre-defined values (even some specifically mentioning HTML in their
examples) probably cannot be used because they are too general. For example:
'heading' refers to <h1>, <h2>, etc. while we most likely want distinct
restype value for those elements. The same goes for 'list' which refers to
both <ol> and <ul>. We may have to change the description of the restype
values in those cases.

I'm attaching the draft table for your convenience.
Pre-defined values are highlited in green.
It also includes the list of what element are 'inline' for some tools today.

I'll keep working on it and add the attributes.



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