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xliff message

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Subject: xliffRoundTrip Tool

Title: Message
Tony asked my to resend part of the note I initially sent to him regarding the improvements in the xliffRoundTrip Tool, and its new residence at sourceforge.net.  I just stuck the two XSL's out there, along with a rushed readme.  There's lots of room for improvement in the documentation and the code.  I want to be sure to position this tool as generic starting point for doctypes that the TC has not yet published a profile for.
Any comments, critiques or suggestions will be happily welcomed by me.
Here's a snip from the note
Hi Tony,
I have two things to report to you about the generic XLIFF XML parser I showed you and the TC last month.
1. Based on your suggestion, I opened a sourceforge project for it, and will soon place the source code there.  It will be a nice place for people to download the tool.  And it will be good for people to get feedback, suggestions, bug reports, etc. to me.  It now consists just of the two XSL files, but I think it would be good for me to code up a Java application so the user can just pick a source and target from a little GUI. ( https://sourceforge.net/projects/xliffroundtrip/  )
2. I made some VERY GOOD improvements to the tool based on a conversation Yves and I had regarding the proper way to map elements based on their content, hierarchy, whether they are mixed content, PCDATA, or inline.  We had the conversation in the context of the HTML profile, but the results were applicable to XML elements in general.

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