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Subject: xliffRoundTrip Tool Update: stand-alone version

Title: Message
I've updated the xliffRoundTrip Tool on http://sourceforge.net/projects/xliffroundtrip/ . 
The biggest difference between the initial version and this version is that I've written a little Java application that enables the tool to work as a stand-alone application, no third-party XSLT processor required.  Just make sure the source xml, the xliffRoundTrip.0.2.jar, the xml2xliff.xsl, and the xliff2xml.xsl are in the same directory and fire off the xliffRoundTrip.0.2.jar.  The syntax can be found in the readme file.
I've ironed out a few bugs, but I have a couple things left to fix (for instance, doctype declarations and namespaces can trip it up, for now.  I see these as easy fixes, as I get time).
I also fixed an error on the SourceForge page that Christian pointed out (Thanks Christian!).
As usual, I would joyfully welcome any feedback, suggestions, or bug reports from any of you that have time to try it out. 
Also, if anyone thinks it is inappropriate for me to make announcements about the xliffRoundTrip Tool on this list, please feel free to say so.  I'm thinking it's okay to make an occasional announcement here because I think this group knows and cares about XLIFF more than any other.  But please let me know if you'd like me to stop taking up the bandwidth.
Thank you,
ps. I wrote the Java on a WinXP system and used ezgz.exe to zip it up.  I noticed when I untarred it on my LINUX box, it did funny things with subdirs and file names.  If anyone experiences this, please let me know, and perhaps give me a suggestion on a better way to zip it so the files can be unzipped with Widows, Unix, Linux, etc.

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