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Subject: Accepting Suggested Translations In XLIFF

When I generate XLIFF Files for translation, I may include 1 or more alt-trans elements containing suggested translations
Translators may use one of these suggestions, or they may translate from scratch
Typically, a Translation Tool will present all available alt-trans elements with their parent trans-unit, allowing translators to select and optionally modify one of these suggestions
I am looking for some mechanism to mark an alt-trans element to indicate that a translation tool has accepted the alt-trans as the required translation.
A post processing tool can identify an accepted suggestion, and compare the target with the alt-trans to see if further modifications have been made to the target after accepting the suggestion
There seem to be several possible ways to do this
1) By preference, I would like to add a new attribute to alt-trans, to indicate that the alt-trans has been accepted
2) Or I could use a note element
3) I could also use context group, if there was a relevant allowed value within context-type
4) I could also use tool etc, but this will not be standard
If we agree that this is something that other users may require, can we pick a method and include it in the recommendations list

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