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Subject: TBX-Link: sign up for spec participation

TBX-Link was opened as a spec item during the last OSCAR steering committee meeting, with Andrzej Zydron as the editor.


At this time, Andrzej and I would like to invite all those interested in participating in the specification of TBX-Link to sign up with Andrzej. All discussions on this spec will proceed from there.


In terms of scope, this is a fairly small spec whose purpose is mainly to sprinkle terminology linked information within a larger container such as a translation memory, a project file or some other content document. The idea is to enable terminology assessment by identifying terminology entries used in a document and mapping them to their concept TermBase entries.


I wish to thank the OSCAR steering committee members for their support in opening this spec and Andrzej for volunteering to serve as the editor.


Andrzej sign me up.



<OSCAR Chair=Gérard />


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