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Subject: XLIFF TC Monthly Teleconference Minutes - Sept. 21, 2004

XLIFF TC Monthly Teleconference Minutes - Sept. 21, 2004

>>> My apologies for any incorrect or incomplete information in the following minutes. There was an enormous amount of noise on the line and frequent times of dead-air. Please, if you can mute your phone, do so. If you cannot, please try to keep noise at a minimum. I think the dead-air was from Meeting-Place but the noise was from some of the participants. Also, Mat, please could you sit closer to the phone? Thanks. jr <<<<

1/roll call - via Meeting-place

2/approve minutes of last meeting: http://www.oasis-open.org/archives/xliff/200408/msg00007.html 
  1st - ?
  2nd - Mat

3/ Work in Progress:

a. Adding extension points at Source & Target:
    - Yves proposal of 5 solutions was discussed. A number of participants spoke in favor of various solutions with the predominant solutions being 3, treat extension namespace elements as either an <x> or <g> depending upon whether it has content, and 5, have within the extension namespace element an XLIFF attribute that specifies how to treat the element & content. 
    - Solution 5 was thought to be somewhat circular (Gérard) and impractical (Shigemichi) - it requies the extension namespace to allow an XLIFF attribute as an extended namespace attribute of the extended namespace element. 
    - Andrzej suggested the extended namespace could specify treatment for all elements of its namespace at a higher level but David pointed out that the treatment may be mixed. 
    - John suggested to not allow extended namespace elements as an immediate child of <source> and <target> but rather as content of an XLIFF in-line element such as <ph> or <g>, thus allowing those element's content model to define the content of the extension namespace element. 
    - Tony suggestion the discussion of handling extended namespace elements should be continued in a separate, special meeting of the TC.
    - Gérard asked how other TCs (XML vocabularies) handled this issue and took an action item to investigate this.
    - Action Item: Gérard will investigate how other TCs are handling unknown extension points within contant and report to the TC.

b. Representation Guides:
    - Since much of this work is waiting for a resolution of the extended namespace in <source> and <target> and little to no progress on any of these guides has been reported, Tony put this discussion off to the next regular meeting.
    - Action Item: none

c. Unresolved issues:
a.Mat: Translation of Voice XML Issues
Initial: http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/xliff/200403/msg00016.html 
Latest Update: http://www.oasis-open.org/archives/xliff/200403/msg00017.html 
    - Mat reported that this still needs to be resolved but that he is awaiting the extended namespace in <source> content to be resolved.
    - Action Item: Mat will submit a proposal on how to handle Voice XML issues.

b.Mat: Accepting Suggested Translations In XLIFF
Initial: http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/xliff/200407/msg00000.html 
Latest Update: http://www.oasis-open.org/archives/xliff/200403/msg00017.html 
    - Action Item: Mat to submit a proposal.

c. Ambiguities with "Match Quality" in spec: 
Initial: http://www.oasis-open.org/archives/xliff/200409/msg00001.html 
    - Tony suggested making te modification to the spec for this. 
    - John objected that it was left purposely vague in the spec because Match Quality is unique to the TM that sets it and not interoperable.Thus, a TM will understand whether match-quality="95" is a percentage or some other unit of measure. 
    - Tony suggested an Errata to the spec that could be included in the next revision.
    - Gérard suggested that there is little reason to change the spec but could accept an errata.
    - John was the only objector.
    - Action Item: none

4/ Status Report from Segmentation SC (Magnus)
    - Magnus reported that there are two suggested methods: 1) transform the structure to reflect the segmentation; 2) add markup to the content to reflect the segmentation. The sub-TC seems to be evenly split between these two methods. Also, there has been insufficient participation, no quorum, to hold recent meetings. 
    - Tony suggested that all those that could participate, should.
    - Action Item: none

5/ Related work in other standards groups: 
a. W3C i18n WG & LISA OSCAR collaboration on Localisation Directives
    - Tony said there is a group starting in the W3C i18n WG to define localisation directives. The proposed group will deliver a "Note" document with a tag library, which XLIFF may at some future date consume as an extension. There is a LISA OSCAR subcommittee of which Gérard and Yves are involved; Yves has been named the editor.
    - Action Item: none

b. TBX link 
    - no discussion on this topic
    - Action Item: none

c. XLIFF use SRX.
    - no discussion 
    - Action Item: Gérard is to investigate and report.

6/ Proposed change to OASIS IPR Policy
The draft IPR Policy is at
and the FAQ is at
The revised IPR policy includes changes to the membeship policy for individual members.  This may have impact for a number of XLIFF TC members. 
    - Tony pointed out that about half of the voting members of the TC are members of OASIS as individuals. The new IPR policy may make that membership obsolete.
    - Karl Best, VP OASIS, pointed out that the individual membership was intended for participants that do not have an IPR obligation to another organization, such as a student or an independent contractor. This change enforces this. There is a 9 month window beginning in January in which to transition the TC to the new policy or complete our work and dissolve.
    - Questions and suggestions concerning this change should be addressed to the Board. ("You may submit comments to the Board by sending them to ipr-member-review@lists.oasis-open.org.  Only OASIS members may submit comments to this address." http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/members/200407/msg00002.html)
    - Action Item: none

7/ Refinement of XLIFF Charter -
    - Tony suggested that our TC charter is out of date, that all stated objectives in the present charter have been delivered, and that we need to define our future deliverables including any in-progress work.  
    - Action Item: Tony will start a thread on this topic.

8/ All other business 
    - none

9/ Adjourn

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