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xliff message

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Subject: Question on XLIFF editors

Title: Message
Hi all,
First of all, please accept my apologies for my absence at yesterday's meeting. I had an unexpected last minute visit to another office and was unable to make it back in time due to adverse (to say the least!) weather conditions.
I just wanted to post a question to the group to get some feedback. We are currently using the Xerces parser to process XLIFF documents but it doesn't provide us with any feedback as how attributes have been encoded. As such, what comes in as single-quoted attributes (e.g. <g id='1'>) may end up as being double-quoted when we write it back out (<g id="1">). My feeling on the matter is that since both are valid XML and represent exactly the same thing, it really shouldn't matter if this happens. However, I'm concerned that someone out there might be using an XLIFF parser which requires one method or the other and that it will break if the quotation paradigm is changed.
Is there anything in the specification or anywhere else that says that an XLIFF editor shouldn't change this setting? I'd like to think that since an XLIFF document can go through numerous editors that valid XML should be the only pre-requisite but I was wondering what other developers thought of this.
Thanks for any feedback.
David Pooley
Software Architect
SDL International

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