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Subject: Updated HTML Profile

Title: Message
Hello all,
I have finally finished the updates to the HTML Profile.  I apologize for taking longer than I expected.  There turned out to be a lot more work than I anticipated.  *[footnoted at the bottom] 
Here are the details:
Unzip the files into a directory and open the main document (wd-xliff-profile-html.htm) in the browser.
Any update I made (other than fixing typos) is documented (in red font) like this:
    "4 [ed.] fixed this to not use escaped markup"
You can navigate to each new update by searching on the string "[ed.]"
I only left a few scattered comments from the original file in the "HTML Forms" section.
They are identified with yellow highlighting.
I have not yet updated the Table of Contents to link to the new sections I added (I will do so
after they are approved by the committee).
Here are what I see as the next steps:
1. Gain consensus on each change I made (or get clear direction on how to fix the parts where
   no consensus can be reached).
2. Answer the couple of remaining questions in the HTML forms section
If we can achieve items 1. and 2., then I would want to move to the next steps:
3. Validate each example against the XLIFF schema to ensure it all works (not a small task, but necessary)
4. Update the Table of Contents
5. Update Appendix B examples to be sure they follow the approved guidelines
6. Perform a final quality check on spelling, grammar, cross-references, etc.
If I've forgotten anything obvious, feel free to bring it up.
*[I now have even greater respect for the amount of effort Yves made before he left.  In the past I just forwarded my contributions to him, and he took care of all the HTML coding.  I guess I should get some kind of HTML authoring tool instead of using my tried-and-true ASCII text editor. . .]


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