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Subject: Updated Draft: XLIFF Profile for HTML

Title: Message
Hello all,
Here's the latest draft of the XLIFF Profile for HTML.  I updated it per the discussion we had a the last meeting.  Here's a summary:
- Gave Yves top billing
- Removed the links from the HTML elements table
- Added a section about introducing new tags
- Added a section addressing Irregular Attributes
- Answered all the questions about HTML Forms
- Eliminated the controversy about the use of size-unit in HTML forms
- Updated and linked the table of contents
We might be close to being ready to propose an official draft if there aren't many new issues.  I still need to test all of the examples (in the body of the profile) for validity.  And I still need to check the samples in the Appendix to see that we follow our recommendations.  Then I need to do a very thorough proof-read.
I'll leave it to Tony to decide if we need to go over this item by item again, or just leave it up to the members to read it off-line, and bring up issues as they see fit.


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