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Subject: Ballot amended

Hi all:
Just in case you didn't get the automatic mail from KAVI,  the ballot:


was amended due to garbling of text by Kavi (it apparently strips out all text between less-than / greater-than notation).

Thanks to Christian and Magnus for spotting the problem.

Since there's adequate time available to change cast votes based on the garbled proposals,  I don't feel there's a need to abort and resubmit a new ballot,  and simply amended the initial ballot with correct proposal text.  However,  if anyone objects to me via email before conclusion of the ballot,  or at the next teleconference,  then we will rerun the ballot with the corrected text as the only proposal text.


Tony Jewtushenko

Director- R&D - Product Innovator Ltd. (Ireland)

P: +353.1.8875183; M: +353.87.2479057; W: www.productinnovator.com

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