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xliff message

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Subject: WinRes Profile

Dear friends,

please find attatched the updated version of the WinRes profile.

It was a lot to do and I tried to simplify the profile a little.

This is what I have done:
Deleted as much as possible;-) Especially everything about resources types
not ciritcal for localization. This text is still present but lined out.
Added examples where missing
Added missing information (marked in cyan).
Fixed open points originally marked in yellow.
Added mime-type suggestions where I could not find proper one.

I had two main goals in mind:
Profile should work for both rc source file and compiled resources.
Profile does not make the assumption that is should be possible to
regenerate the target file completely from the XLIFF content. So a skeleton
file internal or external is needed.

Still missing:
Magnus suggests to deprecate some of the attributes used in the profile
because they are very Windows specific. I agree at least for some of them.
But we then have to find some nice extended attributes for this profile!

Any feedback is welcome.

Best regards from Bonn,


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