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Subject: XLIFF: more feedback on draft for Java profile - a look at implemented filters/converters

Dear all,

Since I was under the impression that our work may benefit from a look
at existing implementations for converters/filters between Java
resources and XLIFF, I had a look at two of them:

Sun's Open Language Tools (see https://open-language-tools.dev.java.net)

Enlaso's Rainbow (see http://www.translate.com/technology/tools/)

I took input files with the following features

1. no variables (file "messages.properties")
2. variables/compound messages (file "foo.properties")
3. XML-based format (file "fooXML.properties")

For your convenience I attach the results of the conversion in a
zip-file. It contains originals, Sun results and Enlaso results in
separate directories.

Best regards,


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