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Subject: RE: [xliff] XLIFF 1.2 Draft

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Hi Bryan:

Thanks for the feedback. The URI for the schema pointing to the file:///blahblah ..  location was a typo.  Good work finding this problem! - it must have been introduced by one of the tools I used to validate the sample file. I'll fix this in the next draft,  to be distributed before the next teleconference.
By the way, you didn't mention the "equiv-trans" attribute - I assume you were not reporting on all diffs,  just the ones you ran across in your review?  There's a section at the end of the spec that iterates through all the modification since last spec...
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From: bryan.s.schnabel@exgate.tek.com [mailto:bryan.s.schnabel@exgate.tek.com]
Sent: 12 October 2005 01:14
To: tony.jewtushenko@productinnovator.com; xliff@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: RE: [xliff] XLIFF 1.2 Draft

Hi Tony,
You've done an excellent job updating the schema.  Thank you very much for all you've done.
I tested and validated the schema, and I tested and validated the two samples.  Things look very sound from an XML point of view.
I noticed you changed the "Sample_AlmostEverything_1.2.xlf" file to refer to a schema location that is hard-coded to an absolute path:
I think the sample would be better if it referenced a relative path, at the same level as the file, like this:
This made it easier to validate for me.  I also validated several of my voluminous XLIFF files.  They worked just fine.
As far as the schema updates, they all look fine to me.  The changes I could spot had to do with adding "seg" and "seg-source" elements, adding the  "merged-trans" attribute, and adding 1.2 to the AttrType_Version type definition.  It all looks correct to me.
I hope in the next few days I can introduce the new elements and attribute into my samples for further validation.
Thanks for all you've done,
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From: Tony Jewtushenko [mailto:tony.jewtushenko@productinnovator.com]
Sent: Monday, October 10, 2005 11:32 AM
To: xliff@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: [xliff] XLIFF 1.2 Draft

Hi all:
I've attached the draft XLIFF 1.2 spec to this email.  There were a lot more modifications than I had expected so instead of voting on it in a ballot we need to first review it,  and if its ready we can vote on it live in the next TC meeting.
It's important that you have a good lok at the spec, the XSD and the sample files.  I've also generated a DTD from the XSD (automatically using a shrinkwrapped XML IDE) and its included in the ZIP file.  If we intend to deliver a 1.2 DTD with our spec then it should be reviewed carefullly as well.  I don't think we published a 1.1 DTD,  and please correct me if I'm misinformed, so your comments about its relevance are encouraged.

Tony Jewtushenko

Director- R&D - Product Innovator Ltd. (Ireland)

P: +353.1.8875183; M: +353.87.2479057; W: www.productinnovator.com


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