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xliff message

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Subject: draft-xliff-core-1.2-20051411

I’ve attached a revised XLIFF 1.2 specification which we will review at tomorrow’s TC meeting.  This revision includes fixes to typo’s which were identified by Yves in his mail from a couple weeks ago.


If we achieve a quorum at tomorrow’s TC teleconference, then depending on outcome of discussions we will likely vote to accept this revision as our Committee Draft.  We didn’t achieve quorum at last month’s meeting, so please make every effort to attend tomorrow.  We’re very close to finalising our 1.2 release and each time we don’t achieve quorum our schedule is set back by a month.


Agenda for tomorrow’s TC teleconference shall be sent shortly.





Tony Jewtushenko

Director- R&D - Product Innovator Ltd. (Ireland)

P: +353.1.8875183; M: +353.87.2479057; W: www.productinnovator.com



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