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Subject: [no subject]

2. Enter the Meeting ID (805534) followed by the # key

3. If the organizer has not started the meeting you will be:

a. Asked to speak your name followed by the # key
b. Placed in the waiting room on music hold until the organizer starts =
the meeting.

If the organizer has started the meeting you will be:

a. Asked to enter the Meeting Password (030543)
b. Asked to speak your name followed by the # key

The TC approved this special one-off meeting to work on the =
representation guides,  which we weren't able to address at our normal =
monthly TC teleconference due to time constraints.  No voting shall take =
place at this meeting. Attendence at this working meeting will not count =
towards TC membership requirements.

1. Representation Guides:
NOTE: We'll need to revise the documentation guides to be 1.2 compliant =
before releasing them along with the specification.

a. HTML - final profile document was approved, with minor change made by =
Tony and reposted =
/msg00003.html). Document will be submitted to OASIS for public review =
once spec and all supporting XLIFF profiles documents are complete.

This is to be modified for 1.2. Tony has volunteered to change this.

We agreed to hold a meeting in two weeks time to look at the issues =
around represntation guides. This will happen on November 29th at the =
usual time.

b. NET & Windows Resources
Initial draft of .NET Profile:
Latest draft of Windows Res Data Resources (revised 21 Sep 2005): =

c. Java Resource Bundles
Latest Draft of Java Resources Profile: =

Although the TC provisionally agreed at last meeting to have a ballot =
starting September 30th, a number of issues arose during the review =
which require discussion in a teleconference. The issues are documented =
in the following mails:

a. Handling escaping and replaceables in XLIFF -> =
b. A number of issues in this email: =
1/Differentiate between different Java platforms/versions
2/Address XML-based properties
3/Provide pointers to Java pages on internationalization
4/Sketch the Extract&Merge Paradigm
5/Handling of references (especially to non-textual resources)
6/Approach for comments
c.survey of existing parsing tools =

These issues have not yet been addressed - need final word on escaping.

d. PO Files:
No licensing issues exist with the work that was submitted to the XLIFF =
TC by Paul Gampe.
The proposed final PO file document submitted for ballot: =
The ballot achieved a simple majority, and therefore PASSED and results =
are here: =

This representation guide will now be distributed along with the other =
resource type guides.


View event details:

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application may be breaking the link into two pieces.  You may be able =
copy and paste the entire link address into the address field of your =

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