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Subject: FW: why no postings for standards wiki?

Hi all,
Happy New Year. At the Language Standards conference in Berlin in December there was a proposal to establish a WIKI for Language Standards. One of the participants, Gerard Meijssen, was involved in the WIKI organisation. This mail below from Alan Melby explains how to show that you support this if you want to do that. The WIKI proposal is called 'Wikistandards'.

From: AlanK Melby [mailto:melbyak@yahoo.com]
Sent: 03 January 2006 13:01
To: Sue Ellen Wright; DeCamp, Jennifer A.; Don DePalma; Alfredo Spagna; Keiran Dunn; Reynolds, Peter; Beatriz Bonnet; Kim Harris @ Textform; Gerhard Budin; Tex Texin
Subject: why no postings for standards wiki?

Dear Sue Ellen, Jennifer, Don, Alfredo, Keiran, Peter, Beatriz, Kim, Gerhard, and Kim:
Hope you all had a pleasant New Year break.  I was just wondering why I am apparently the only one from the Berlin language standards conference who has posted support for the creation of a standards wiki.
Please either post your support or let me know why you have withdrawn support.
In case you do not have easy access to the instructions I sent previously, here they are again:
Once there, you create an account (see upper right-hand corner). Then
you log in with that account name (mine is melbyak) and get down to the WikiStandards proposal (e.g. by searching for "standards" on the webpage).
You will see that there are many new proposals besides the standards wiki. Only those for which people take the trouble to post their support have a chance of
Alan K. Melby

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