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xliff message

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Subject: Updated XLIFF 1.2 Schema

Schema changes:


  • Added equiv-text to inline elements except ‘sub’ and ‘mrk’. It’s an optional string with no restrictions.


<xsd:attribute name="equiv-text" type="xsd:string" use="optional"/>


  • Added equiv-trans to the ‘target’ element.


<xsd:attribute name="equiv-trans" type="xlf:AttrType_YesNo" use="optional" default="yes"/>


  • Removed ‘seg’ attribute from ‘mrk’ element.


For the strict version:


  • Added constraints for ‘mid’ attribute.


  • I also needed to change how elements were defined, using global element definitions rather than global complexType definitions.


Found a couple errors in the specification:


  • equiv-trans attribute is not listed in the ‘target’ element description.


  • typo: “occures”


I updated the Sample_AlmostEverything file to conform to the strict XLIFF (except for duplication names).




Doug Domeny

Software Analyst


Ektron, Inc.

+1 603 594-0249 x212







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