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Subject: XLIFF 1.2 Committee Draft Spec

I've attached a revised version of the XLIFF 1.2 Committee Draft.  The revisions consist mainly of cleaning up some broken links, awkward language and revising both sample files (strict and transitional) to include an example of an mrk for protected content - see trans-unit id="_1_ski_2203".
The plan is to create a ballot tomorrow to accept this spec along with recent revisions of HTML, Java Resource Bundle and PO/POT file representation guides.  Looks like we'll drop the .NET representation guide from our list of 1.2 deliverable. The ballot will commence tomorrow - 9 May and run for a week - ending a hour before our next TC meeting on 16 May.  If a serious problem is found before tomorrow and I am made aware of it before hand I will make an effort to fix it if possible, publish and proceed with ballot as planned. If a serious problem is discovered during balloting,  the ballot will be terminated, the fix made if possible, and we will vote on accepting the said work as Committee Spec via role call vote at the teleconference.
We're in the end - game now,  so it would be very much appreciated if everyone could make an extra special effort to attend these next couple of teleconferences so we can complete our objectives successfully.  We're very close to reaching our goal and publicly publishing 1.2, so non-quorate meetings have an especially high cost now.


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