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Subject: Final XLIFF 1.2 Spec



I’ve update the spec to reflect a couple of missing notations for non-XLIFF element support at extension points (e.g.,  the xliff tag).
Additionally, I’ve revised the XLIFF 1.2 spec so that it identifies all elements that support non-XLIFF attributes,  since this was not previously noted at the element definition level.  Thanks to Magnus for highlighting this.  I’ve also fixed the problem with the OASIS logo size – it’s now full sized.  The XLIFF 1.2 XSD’s have been renamed but their contents are unchanged – note that date serial numbers in asset names will be stripped from all approved work.


I’ll create a new 7 day ballot to approve this spec revision as the committee draft early Tuesday if no further problems are identified.





Tony Jewtushenko

Director- R&D - Product Innovator Ltd. (Ireland)

P: +353.1.8875183; M: +353.87.2479057; W: www.productinnovator.com



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