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Subject: XLIFF 1.2 Schedule -- XLIFF meeting attendance

Title: Message
The meeting for today did not achieve quorum due to insufficient attendance.  But editor for each document (spec, profiles, and schemas)  did attend.  Therefore we were able to get a good read on where we are with our schedule to bring XLIFF 1.2 to OASIS standard status.
Each document is considered finished, and in good shape by its editor.  Rodolfo is now in possession of each.  He will ensure that each document meets his editorial standards, and is compliant with OASIS requirements and templates.  He will also create the PDF version of the spec,and each profile.
By this Monday, April 7, Rodolfo will zip the entire XLIFF 1.2 deliverable (spec, profiles, schemas, and sample files), and send the zip to each of us.  Tony and I ask that if you can, please take the time to take a good look at the files.  If you notice anything that needs to be addressed, please let us know as soon as you can.  The goal is to reach agreement that the deliverable is ready to proceed.  We hope to conduct two roll call votes at our next TC meeting, April 17.  We'll ask the TC to approve XLIFF 1.2 as a Committee Draft.  Assuming it passes with a full majority, we will then ask the TC to vote to submit the specification for public review.  Assuming that ballot passes with a full majority, we will request Mary McRae to announce the 15 day public review.
Tony and I request that, especially if you are a member of voting status, that you attend the next meeting ready to vote.
Thank you in advance,
Bryan and Tony

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