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Subject: Today's notes: no quorum - good discussion though

Title: Message
Here are my notes from today.  They are admittedly sparse and incomplete (and hopefully not too inaccurate).  Since we did not achieve quorum (needed one more attendee), I'm sending these not as official notes, but as documentation of several very good points that were made in this *non-official* meeting.
I very much hope that anyone with a different or better recollection of any topic feels welcome to comment.

1/ roll call
# Attendees: Rodolfo, Bryan, Andrzej, Christian, Doug
# Apologies: Peter, Tony
2/ Approve previous meeting minutes:
Accept, reject, or amend. (
# No vote - did not achieve quorum
3/ WIKI updated
 A. XLIFF 2.0 Goals (
# Rodolfo: We should not tie all of the goals to a specific release version (i.e., 2.0). Some of the goals should be attached to point releases, and made available with or without passage of 2.0.
# Christian: We should vote on passing 1.3, or other point releases.  We've already voted to focus on 2.0, not point releases
# Rodolfo: Not proposing point releases - Just want to not hold up good deliverables, like Representation Guides, or Release of newly licensed, update xliffRoundTrip Tool by tying them to a specific version
# Andrzej pointed out the moving from 1.1 to 1.2 took years
# Bryan: Some of the goals lend themselves to being requirements for our next official release; some are more suited as goals that should be implemented as soon as they are complete.  Bryan volunteered to create a survey which lists all of the documented goals, and asks members to classify each according to whether they think it should be a requirement for XLIFF 2.0, or a goal to be implemented along the way
 B. Approval of XLIFF 1.2 as an OASIS Specification: Remaining Steps (http://wiki.oasis-open.org/xliff/RemainingApprovalSteps)
# Rodolfo will call Mary to arrange for final title, filename, and file posts.  This will be an informal call that should result in correctly named and posted files by the time we meet next.  If Mary would prefer, we could invite her to a special meeting hosted at our regular number, with optional attendance by other TC members
# Bryan has begun work on the whitepaper - will seek input from others soon
# Doug, Christian, and Rodolfo have crafted the FAQ nicely - it seems to be in good shape.  As always, others are welcome to contribute
# Bryan outlined the certification guidelines recently posted to the wiki.  He will send personal notes to qualified TC members.  Rodolfo will send a note to specific LISA members.
4/ Representation guides
 A. ICU Resource Bundle Profile, proposed by Eric Mader (Eric to give a brief overview, TC could then decide if we want to schedule separate side-meeting for Eric to present the guide in detail)
 B. Other potential representation guides
5/ ISO submission
6/ XLIFF Webinar? (http://www.oasis-open.org/events/webinars/)
7/ Reports from liaisons involved with other standards groups:
 A. W3C i18n
 B. Oscar
 C. Trans-WS
 E: OASIS DITA Translation Subcommittee
8/ Any Other Business
# Christian briefly discussed his proposal for an official XLIFF guide for subsetting the XLIFF XSD.  He will begin an email thread with Doug which, when it's ready, will eventually move to the xliff@lists.oasis-open.org list

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