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Subject: FW:

Hi Mary,

Doug is our acting editor for XLIFF 1.2.  He's found a couple of
post-review introduced problems that he's fixed

Each of the problems was introduced after the public review and TC vote:

Misspelled 'Comittee' in 'Comittee Specification 02', should be
'Committee'. (title typo)
Misspelled 'supercedes', should be 'supersedes'. (metadata typo)
Added THEAD and TBODY elements to tables. (updated actual HTML code, not

I believe it would be correct if you could move Doug's fixed version
liff-core-doug.html) into the proper URL, and that we should continue
(if you think I'm right).

Doug, thank you for finding the typos.  Upon an affirmative reply from
Mary on this matter, would you think your vote could toggle to yes?

Thanks to all,


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