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Subject: XLIFF representation of HTML IMG: Should src URL be translatable?



The XLIFF 1.2 Representation Guide for HTML uses <ph> and <sub> for the HTML <img> tag and the URL is not translatable.


The following is the example from section 4.2 <img> Elements



<p>My picture,

<img src=""mthood.jpg"" alt="This is a shot of Mount Hood" />

and there you have it.</p>



<trans-unit resname="p" id="d0e1">

<source xml:lang="EN">My picture,

<ph id="d0e3" ctype="image" xhtml:src=""mthood.jpg"><sub" ctype="x-imgalt">

This is a shot of Mount Hood</sub></ph>

and there you have it.</source>



We use multiple trans-units instead of the <sub> element.



<img height="135" alt="Welcome_Doctors" src=""/uploadedImages/p1.jpg"" width="149" align="right" border="0"/>



        <trans-unit id="3" datatype="html">


            <x id="2" ctype="image"/>



        <trans-unit id="3.16-attr-alt" datatype="plaintext" resname="alt">




        <trans-unit id="3.16-attr-src" datatype="plaintext" resname="src" coord="#;#;149;135" reformat="coord-cx coord-cy">





This allows a different image for different languages, for example, p1_fr.jpg for French. It also allows the size to be different. For instance, some Windows dialogs are different sizes depending on locale.


We have a customer requesting that the src URL be excluded as translatable source because it inflates the word count.


What is best practice? If the src URL is excluded, how is the image localized?


In this case, the translation company is SDL, so I'm particularly interested in Magnus' and David's comments.






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