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Subject: Topics for XLIFF 2.0

Hi All,

During the last call I mentioned that there are some issues to consider
for XLIFF 2.0 . As we did not achieve quorum, my comments can’t go to
the meeting minutes but can be registered in the mailing list.

1)	<seg-source> and notes

When we add a <note> element to a <trans-unit>, we can specify in the
“annotates” attribute if the note refers to the whole unit, source or
target. But if the <trans-unit> is segmented using <seg-source>
elements, we can’t select to which source or target fragment the note

2)	Fragments from<source> not included in <seg-source>

The examples in segmentation section of the specification leave spaces
between sentences that appear in <source> out of <seg-source>
elements.  This generates confusion for implementers and we need to
avoid that. We should state clearly what to do when not everything is
included in <seg-source> elements. 

3)	Merge & split

Sometimes segmentation of an XLIFF file needs to be corrected during
translation. It is possible to use <seg-source> elements to split a
<source> element in two, but there is no “official” way to merge two
segments.  Merging is a very common operation, often needed to correct
wrong segmentation after an abbreviation. I think that we need to
introduce a modification in <group> for merging two segments.

Best regards,
Rodolfo M. Raya <rmraya@maxprograms.com>

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