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Subject: Re: [xliff-tools] Empty "text" attributes?

Hi Friedel,

----- "F Wolff" <friedel@translate.org.za> wrote:
> I was just wondering about various XLIFF attributes that are defined
> as
> containing "text" (such as the origin attribute in the file tag). 
> What
> would an empty string mean for such an attribute, and should this be
> supported in all cases? (such as <file origin="" .....>)  The origin
> attribute is required, but if it can be empty, what does it help?

I'm guessing you're here talking about the 'original' attribute - not the 'origin' attribute (which is used in <alt-trans>).

I agree, an empty 'original' attribute doesn't really help, but according to the schema this is valid.

The problem with these 'free-form' attributes is that we can't really predict what is stored there. If we were to e.g. require that the 'original' attribute was of 'length() > 0' - then clients could still simply put an 'x' or something in there.

I'll forward this to the xliff-comments list for further input/comments.


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