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Subject: Inline Code Flags

Feedback for TMX 2.0 proposal, with relation to XLIFF:

The TMX 2.0 draft does not have any provision for information indicating if an inline code can be deleted, moved, or duplicated.

One type of information that has been already discussed in TMX and XLIFF and even implemented by some for inline codes is one or
more attributes to indicate when a code can be deleted or not, can be cloned or not, and can be moved out of sequence or not.

This type of info is useful when doing QA, when the translator is manually editing a segment, when composing a target based on
various matches, or in many other scenarios.

I would expect to have that type of information in both XLIFF 2.0 and TMX 2.0, and obviously it would make sense to represent it the
same way.

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