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xliff message

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Subject: Datatype

Feedback for TMX 2.0 proposal, with relation to XLIFF:

The section on the datatype attribute includes a list of pre-defined values and equivalent MIME type values. I am wondering if this
attribute should not be made a MIME type values directly (and maybe its name changed, but that is a lesser issue).

The same goes for XLIFF 2.0.

I see that among the pre-defined data there is "xliff". That speaks volume about the problem we have: If one generates a TMX
document from an XLIFF document it should use the datatype values specify in the XLIFF document in the equivalent datatype
attribute, not "xliff", otherwise we are losing information when going to TMX.

In order to do this both formats have to be using the same values: This is another example of the need to harmonize both formats
into a coherent exchange system.


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