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Subject: RE: [xliff] Groups - XLIFF TC Meeting modified

Just a note on #5:
> 5/  "XLIFF 2.0 will be complete when _______"
>   There are two camps for filling in the blank
>   A. Set a calendar goal. All items that are complete and approved by the
>      TC make it into XLIFF 2.0 - All others need to wait for the "next train,"
>      i.e., XLIFF 2.X or XLIFF 3. Special care needs to be taken to define
>      doneness and ensure no dependency issues between items.
>      And "XLIFF 2.0 is complete on set date of *Month/Day/Year*"
>          - or -
>  B. Define a finite set of XLIFF 2.0 items. Set a cutoff date for adding items.
>     The list of accepted items becomes our requirements document.
>     And "XLIFF 2.0 is complete when items 1 through X are finished"
>     (some in this camp see our current set of goals, as is, as that
>     finite list)

Since I was not in the TC when these requirements were defined I don't feel I can guess which method is the best.

But I wanted to say that XLIFF is not a software. And we should be careful with releasing versions that do not have some specific features we know will ultimately end up there. Once out, files in that version build up a legacy that is not easy to "update" like versions of software. So I would be inclined to take more time if needed, to get maybe fewer versions but better ones. The same goes for any standard formats.


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