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Subject: Draft: XLIFF TC Path in 2010

This is what I perceive to be our path to start the new year. Let's consider this a starting point for discussion. All are encouraged to share opinions and ideas.

XLIFF 1.2.1 Errata
  1 Rodolfo contact Mary and ask for an SVN account for the TC, so he can upload his files 
     and share them with the rest of the TC.
  2 Rodolfo will enlist helpers to complete OASIS requirements
  3 Doug provided the updated schemas (http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/xliff/200912/msg00007.html), 
     that follow Christian's request for improved XLIFF elements to be defined by means of types. 
    - Several TC members tested the updated XLIFF 1.2.1 schemas and reported no substantive changes. 
    - Call for TC to discuss as needed, then vote to include (or not) these schemas in XLIFF 1.2.1 errata
  4 Files posted too appropriate place, then Bryan and Rodolfo (and anyone else who wants to participate) 
     will conduct a check-list to ensure all requirements are met
  5 Bryan will conduct a ballot for confirmation that the TC agrees no substantive change is 
     caused by errata changes (must pass with Full TC Majority)
  6 Rodolfo/Bryan/Mary submit proposed corrections for 15-day public review
  7 (assuming no game-changing comments) Bryan will conduct a ballot to confirm proposed changes as 
    approved errata (requires Full TC Majority)

1 Finish our work regarding text elements in XLIFF 2.0 
 1.1 Scope section:
  1.1.1 Finish items (3.1.2, 3.1.5, 3.1.6)
  1.1.2 Bryan will assign action based on each documented resolution
 (for example: 3.1.3, (1) Rodolfo adds a note to section 2.5 explaining that extension points are intended 
 for providing support for internal tool processing, not for solving XLIFF deficiencies.)
 1.2 Requirements section:
  1.2.1 Validate that each of these are requirements
  1.2.2 Identify any missing requirements
  1.2.3 Create code examples to show resolution for each requirement
  1.2.4 Turn the examples into words for the specification
  1.2.5 Turn the examples into code for the schemas
(now for our "where do we go from here moment")
2. Decide how to go forward with remaining (non-text) parts of XLIFF 2.0 
  2.1 Revisit Feature Tracking (http://wiki.oasis-open.org/xliff/XLIFF2.0/FeatureTracking)
  2.2 Revisit XLIFF 2.0 Dashboard (http://wiki.oasis-open.org/xliff/XLIFF2.0)
3. Write a new Conformance Clause
4. Update the charter

Extra potential XLIFF activities
1 Reference Guides
  1.1 DITA
  1.2 XLIFF for OAXAL
  1.3 SVG
2 XLIFF Conference

When we begin XLIFF 2.0 OASIS Standard procedures
  1 Approve XLIFF 2.0 Committee Draft
    1.1 Full Majority TC Vote (1 week)
  2 Public Review
    2 1 Full Majority TC Vote (1 week)
    2.2 TC recommendation of external stakeholders to be notified
    2.3 Spec is labeled "Public Review Draft"
    2.4 TC Administrator (Mary) announces review to OASIS Membership ()
    2.5 Comments are collected *only* on Public Comment List
    2.6 TC must acknowledge each comment and publish disposition to the TC list
  3 Approve Committee Specification
    3.1 Special Majority Vote
    3.1 TC Administrator will conduct vote (TC chair notifies Admin when ready)
  4 Approve OASIS Standard
    4.1 Three Statements of Use
    4.2 Special Majority TC Vote to submit
    4.3 TC Chair must submit the following to the TC Admin:
      4.3.1 Link to Committee Spec (only change allowed is to update approval date and status)
      4.3.2 Editable version of all files
      4.3.3 Certification by TC that schemas and XML samples are well-formed/valid
      4.3.4 Clear summary of Specification
      4.3.5 Statement of relationship to other standards (OASIS and otherwise)
      4.3.6 Statements of use (this include the conformance clause, 
      4.3.7 Public review dates, link to public review, link to P.R. comments
      4.3.8 Link to Committee Specification Approval
    4.4 Submit by the 15th of the month
    4.5 TC Admin initiates the ballot on the first of the month. Voters familiarize themselves with the 
        standard until the 15th. Voting goes from the 16th to the end of the month
    4.6 OASIS Organizational member ( http://www.oasis-open.org/about/contributors.php, 
        http://www.oasis-open.org/about/foundational_sponsors.php ) are eligible to vote
      4.6.1 If 15% or more eligible voters vote, and none are against, Standard passes
      4.6.2 If less than 15% vote, or if negative votes equal or exceed 25%, Standard fails
      4.6.1 If 15% or more eligible voters vote, and negative vote(s) exist, but less than 25% of votes are 
            negative, TC may 
            a) request that the spec passes as is, despite the negative vote(s), 
            b) withdraw the submission, 
            c) submit an amended specification

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